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AYFA offers football opportunities for Argyle students/residents in grades K thru 6th (based on Fall each year).

  • Fall Offerings: Flag (K thru 2nd Grade), Rookie Tackle (3rd Grade), and Tackle (4th thru 6th Grade)

  • Spring Offerings: 7v7 (which is similar to flag) for grades K thru 6th


Our AYSA teams participate in the North Texas Football League, whose information, rules and league Bylaws can be found here:

*NOTE - All participants must be students within the AISD school system or live in the Town of Argyle. Exceptions will be reviewed and evaluated by the NTFL Board to determine eligibility.

League Information

2022 Tackle football player fees are: $275
2022 FLAG football player fees are: $175
*Requests for Financial Aid can be submitted via our website

Registration Date: April 20 - July 1


Game day and practice jerseys are included.  All players must supply appropriate footwear, helmets and pads.

  • Registration is open from April 13th thru July 6th


  • Players are registered for their rising grade in the Fall (i.e., what grade are they entering in the Fall of 2022)

  • Roster limitations are in place (per NTFL League Bylaws) and spots on a team are allocated to individuals based on when you register (*NOTE – timing of registration does not dictate which team you are on if there are multiple teams, but rather gets you a spot on a team)

    • Tackle teams are capped at 22 players

    • A minimum of 16 players are required to make a team

    • Exceptions to the player cap or player minimum must be approved by the NTFL Board

  • Players will be put on the football waiting list for their respective grade if the cap for a team has been reached and the minimum has not been achieved to make another team. This is determined by when you register (e.g., if you are the 26th to register for 6th grade, you will be on the waiting list until the total number of registrants gets to 32 and two teams can be created).

  • Roster formation is done through a drafting process that is dictated by NTFL League Bylaws.

  • Skill sessions will be held to allow coaches to evaluate players and prepare for the draft process; each player must attend one of the scheduled sessions to be drafted (players that do not attend a session will be allocated to teams and not drafted)

  • Minimum playing time rules are in effect and defined by the NTFL Bylaws

  • Equipment: game day and practice jerseys are included. Players are responsible for purchasing their own helmets, shoulder pads and footwear.


3rd grade will have modified tackle rules to gradually introduce tackle football and proper technique to our young athletes.

Weight Limit For Carrying the Ball
Kindergarten and 1st Grade - None
2nd Grade - None
3rd Grade - 95 lbs
4th Grade - 105 lbs
5th Grade - 115 lbs
6th Grade - 125 lbs


Click the appropriate link below to register your Argyle Youth Football Player for this season, or to register as a Coach. 

Please note, that once you have completed the form for registration, you will need to return to this page and click on the "Proof of Eligibility" link for each of your players. 

BOTH steps must be completed this year in order for your registration to be complete.



Step 1


Step 1 to register for Argyle Youth Football player this season.



Step 1


Step 1 to register for to be a coach for Argyle Youth Football this season.

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